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2014 NFL Draft QB Scouting Report #1- Brett Hundley, UCLA

Brett Hundley - Redshirt Sophomore - UCLA

6'3, 227 lbs.

Hundley is an interesting prospect. At 6'3" and 227 lbs, he is a poster boy for "average NFL measurements". What is decidedly unaverage, however, is his tremendous athleticism and his NFL caliber arm, already present at the age of 20 years old.

With a 40 time projected in the mid 4.6's, Hundley won't be blazing past anyone in the NFL. His strengths lie more in his running style rather than pure speed. More similar to Cam Newton (4.58) or Andrew Luck (4.6) than Robert Griffin III (4.41) or Michael Vick (4.33), Hundley is as punishing of a runner as a quarterback can be. While not overly quick, he's deceptively agile and has good vision with the ball. He's a long strider and, once in the open field, is difficult to catch from behind. 

Playing at UCLA means Hundley faces solid talent within his conference, matching up against Stanford, Oregon and USC every year.  Even still, he has posted respectable numbers against quality talent throughout his two seasons as the Bruins starting QB. Passing for nearly 2,900 yards at this point in the season, Hundley doesn't look to be breaking his previous year's record of 3,740 yards. However, he has improved in his efficiency and overall rating, with a 67.8% completion percentage and an overall rating of 153.7.

Hundley has shown improvement from the moment he took his first snap, a 72- yard rushing TD against Rice. Since that play, he's has proven he can be consistently dangerous on the ground, running the ball 150 times this season for 587 yards and 9 TD's.

Compared to his contemporaries, Hundley's numbers seem rather pedestrian. In this era of 5,000 yard, 40 touchdown seasons, Hundley's production is underwhelming. Where Hundley excels, however, is in his pure physical talent, proving to be talented enough to play all over the field.

Against Utah, Hundley proved to be a game-changing, dynamic talent. He finished the game with 17 completions for 211 yards and 1 touchdown, 20 carries for 85 yards and 1 touchdown, and 1 reception for 7 yards and a touchdown. He also pinned the Utes inside their own 20 with a punt.

Hundley's footwork and mechanics are something to be concerned about. An extended wind up rears it's ugly head on longer throws, a quirk that can be worked out with time and the right coaching.

With a coaching staff that has plenty of NFL experience, Hundley is being groomed well for Sundays. He is an athletic quarterback with a strong arm, highly valued commodities in the NFL. Staying in school could very much help his draft stock. With as quickly as he's progressed thus far, Hundley could see himself as a No.1 Overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Of course, there is always the risk of injury or plateauing.


-Pure physical specimen

-Posted solid numbers against solid competition

-Played on a team devoid of All-Star talent, yet still was effective

-High mobility

-Strong arm

-Exhibits capabilities of making a number of NFL caliber throws

-No off field concerns or problems reported


-Footwork and mechanics need improvements

-Failed to capitalize against lesser talent

-Tends to have extended wind up on longer throws

-Has a number of questionable performances


-Not a Day 1 NFL starter

-Looks like an alien

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